About Kuraz

The powerhouse woman behind the Kuraz Design brand is Anita Truneh. She has been passionate about fashion from a very young age, creating unique designs for her dolls from trinkets found around her home. She began her entrepreneurial journey, after receiving a dream. In her dream, she sat in complete darkness, when a voice came to her. Right before waking up, she received a lantern, known in her native tongue as a kuraz. She shared her dream with a trusted friend, unaware of the revelation that was on its way.

Some time later, she received a phone call that no one wants to be on the receiving end of: her mom had fallen ill. She dropped everything – no hesitation – and headed to her home country, Ethiopia. While taking care of her ailing mom, she opened a cupboard and saw something that took her breath away. In the cupboard was the same lantern, the kuraz from her dream! She knew exactly what she had to do after that.

Today, Anita creates pieces for her clientele that are unique, one of a kind, and high-quality. Each item is handmade, and embodies the love in her heart. Raw materials for many of the products are sourced directly from Ethiopia, and support the upward mobility of local craftswomen. Anita’s ambition is to grow Kuraz into a business initiative that is capable of helping women, help themselves.

Your support of Kuraz Designs is an investment in supporting women practically, financially, and mentally.